Bruce Lee - Iron Fist Lite 1.1.3

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Bruce Lee - Iron Fist Lite 1.1.3

Bruce Lee - Iron Fist is a mixture of action and adventure with a fighting genre gameplay.

Playing as Bruce Lee, you have to challenge champions of the underworld and use his martial arts skills to defeat them and bring them to justice.

You fight in the underground Iron Fist tournament in three round fights. Using the keypad, you can perform attacks and by watching the special move bar at the top of the screen, pressing zero will perform special moves in Bruce Lee - Iron Fist.

Bruce Lee - Iron Fist looks very similar to Street Fighter II with similar sprite-based graphics. The levels are two dimensional so you only have to worry about oncoming attacks. It is a great game for fighting genre fans who want to use moves by Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee - Iron Fist is a great action game.

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5 stars

Operating System: Java/J2ME

Publisher/Developer: India Games

Release Date: May 18, 2012

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