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Fizz Bill Now (SP) Free

Quickly divide restaurant bills

Scientific Calculator 1.0 Free

A complete scientific calculator for your mobile phone

Currency 1.10 Trial version

Currency 1.10-Convert amounts of money into 146 different currencies

LoanCalc 6.0 (S60) Demo

LoanCalc 6.0 (S60)-Mortgage payment calculator and much more!

Mobile Exchange Rate 1.0 Demo

Mobile Exchange Rate 1.0-Get up to date currency exchange rates on your phone

Finanz 2.00 Trial version

Finanz 2.00-Business and finance calculator with currency conversion

Best Currency Converter UIQ 1.0 Demo

Best Currency Converter UIQ 1.0-Currency converter with exchange rate updates over GPRS

Best CalcMachine for UIQ 1.00 Trial version

Best CalcMachine for UIQ 1.00-Powerful combination calaculation application for UIQ phones

Handy Converter UIQ 3.0 1.0 Trial version

Handy Converter UIQ 3.0 1.0-All-in-one currency converter

Handy Converter Windows Smartphone 1.2 Trial version

Handy Converter Windows Smartphone 1.2-All-in-one currency converter