Word Lens Lite 1.2.1

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Word Lens Lite 1.2.1

Word Lens Lite is an application that provides real time translations on your Android device by utilizing its camera.

Traveling to another country without speaking the language is nerve wracking. While Word Lens Lite won't teach you to speak a new language, it will enable you to read it. Word Lens Lite uses your Android's camera to detect text and automatically translate words and sentences on the fly.

In this demo version, there are no language packs included. Instead, Word Lens Lite lets users see how the application works by reversing or replacing words. While this is an impressive tech demo, it renders Word Lens Lite useless without purchasing a language pack.

There is a dictionary within the application to look up words that the app fails to translate properly or if you just want to find a word's definition quickly, without using the camera. This is great feature but the definitions that it provided were a hit or miss.

Word Lens Lite is an impressive tech demo of what the program can actually do but it is a shame it doesn't show you its translation prowess at all.

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Operating System: Android

Publisher/Developer: Quest Visual

Release Date: Jul 16, 2012

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